Nationals Crush the Marlins

For those who want to buy Washington Nationals tickets, April 8th 2014 marked another win for the Nationals and a superb performance from Gio Gonzalez confirming his dominance in their roster. He showed an exceptional performance with anxious dying moments throughout the entire game. The whole game what filled with excitement. They handed Miami Marlins a loss on the road at the Park. It was a deserving win evident from their offense led by Gonzalez. The game score 7-1 in favor of the Nationals. Their team effort was evident in their performance at home.

In the first eight games of the season, Washington lead four comeback wins despite having a distressed series scores on the previous season. Last Wednesday, Nationals rallied games of 5-0 and 7-6.

Two runs from Adam LaRoche and a 3 for 3 and a walk was the impetus for another player Anthony Redon. Redon would, seal the game with a two-run double guaranteeing the game during the 8th inning from the left field. He went two for four in addition to 3 RBI’s. Manager Matt Williams, the manager regarded by pundits as a high risk taker would see his strategies come to fruition. Bryce Harper accused of dip in form wasn’t much convincing but of interest was his effort that brought about two runs before the sixth inning. Jordan Zimmerman had been struggling at the start, but played much better in the last minutes of the game.

Gonzalez pitching is artistic, of note the speed and curve that his pitches draw the batters to disarray. At 93 mph his curving fireballs are a problem to defenses across the league not only Marlins. His New York starter debut was marked by change-ups than before. He can be credited with an improvement in offense. The Nationals however missed the services of starter Wilson Ramos due to injury. This was a major loss in the team because Ramos has a broken hand, pushing former Tampa bay player, Jose Lobaton a catcher into duty. His quick adaptation and rumored learning of his new teams pitching was evident. From studying Gonzalez change ups to taking lessons from Steve McCarty he has been good. He is expected more to improve on the next games.

The Miami Marlins went to Washington with a perfect league leading record of six runs per game average. But suffered a 5-0 defeat on the road on Tuesday night.