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Best players of Washington Capitals

Best players of Washington Capitals
Based in Washington DC, the Washington Capitals is one of the best hockey teams playing in the National Hockey League. When you have such a team that is also playing in the metropolitan division, you can be sure to have one of the best hockey players in the world. This team has the best players in all positions, that is, the defense, forward, and goalie positions. When you have such talent in all positions, you are likely to be the best team, and this might lead to fans even making a Washington Capitals ticket exchange with other teams.

When it comes to the forwards in the Washington Capitals, Nicklas Backstrom leads the list. Backstrom is a 6.1 ft, 213 lb forward who has the ability to shackle any defense—which is one thing that makes him more special than other players. Backstrom is also the alternate captain for the Washington Capitals, and this is one player with so much talent that the team needs. Backstrom holds the record for the youngest Swedish player ever in the World Championship, the first NHL rookie to record four assists in two consecutive games, and the most assists in a season by a rookie.

Another great player is Alex Ovechkin, who is the team captain of the Washington Capitals. Ovechkin is such a great winger: he has the ability to score from almost anywhere. In the 2013 to 2014 season, Ovechkin has so far managed to score 50 goals (the team leader in terms of goals), which is really good because he leads by example as the team captain. He is the first player to win the Art Ross Trophy, the Maurice Richard Trophy, the Lester B. Pearson Award, and the Hart Memorial Trophy as well as win all four awards in a single season.

When it comes to defensemen in the Washington Capitals, you will always hear the name of Mike Green being mentioned. Green is the heart and soul of the defense—he holds the record for longest consecutive goal scoring streak by a defenseman—and for anyone who thinks that Mike Green can only defend, you are wrong because he can also score. Mike Green is in fact one of the best goal-scoring defensemen in the league. Therefore, if you are a defender out there, then you better watch out for this defender because he might just score on your watch.