Giants Dance in San Francisco

The Giants of Baseball – San Fransisco Continues a Tradition of Excellence

Cheap San Francisco Giants tickets are hard to come by for a simple and undeniable reason: like almost no other team in professional sports, the Giants have a consistent history of drama and heroism. To add with that, they are reliably in the hunt for a championship year after year. Few teams in baseball can match the grandeur and glory of the Giants’ franchise history. Not many teams can claim players like Jackie Robinson or Willie Mays, legends that are familiar to even those who know nothing of America’s pastime.

The Giants have won more pennants and been in greater number of World Series matchups than any National League team, which in itself adds on to the fact that it’s a hard to miss sort of team that plays excellent. They’ve sent more players to the Hall of Fame than any other baseball team in the Major Leagues. Even their bad years are full of drama and excitement for their legions of fans – and there haven’t been many bad years. Perhaps most importantly to their fans, half a century ago when they were the New York Giants, the team began a rivalry with the Dodgers that continues to this day.

Can the Giants of 2014 stack up with the legends of yesteryear? Well, while it is tough to compete with the names under the retired numbers on the wall at AT&T Park in the City by the Bay, if the early days of the new season are any indication – it appears that the legends of the 1950s may have some competition!

Jean Machi and Santiago Cansilla brought some serious heat on the mound, continuing their stellar pitching from the pre-season. Brandon Hicks and Buster Posey are continuing their white-hot hitting streaks at the plate, looking to strike fear into opposing pitchers all summer long. At the helm, the Giants Manager Bruce Bochy is already a legend in his own right: he led the team to a Series Championship as recently as 2010, and last year passed the 1,500 win mark. In short, the good news is the team looks up to continue its long history of great baseball this year. The bad news is that if you’re on the hunt for cheap San Francisco Giants tickets, you’re going to need a whole lot of luck. You get what you pay for, and a day at the ballpark with the 2014 Giants will be worth every penny.