The True Meaning of Over-Watering

Most home gardeners are well aware that watering too much is a bad thing. However, do they know that its real meaning is the opposite of what it seems to be? There are several things one needs to know and apply for effective and efficient irrigation. Finding the right team…It is not easy to locate the best commercial irrigation companies in Northern VA but you can do so using things like angieslist or home advisor. They can also teach you what you need to know after installing your new home irrigation system.

Over-watering has detrimental effects and most home gardeners are well aware of this. There is a vague recognition that excessive watering is bad for the plants, this is quite apart from the desire to save water. In garden literature you will commonly find many examples or references to specific plants that are sensitive to over-watering. You can manage the water at your disposal a lot more efficiently and irrigate more effectively by understanding this term more precisely.

Best local Northern Virginia irrigation companies will tell you that two parameters in the soil are altered through irrigation. It is self-evident and obvious that water is added to it and less obvious, yet less critical is that the percentage of oxygen present in the soil is significantly reduced. Correct irrigation practices will always take into account both these factors since, the plants are dependent on both adequate moisture and a supply of oxygen in the root zone.

”Lacking in air” could be a more accurate term for over-watering and those plants that are know as sensitive, are actually those requiring higher percentages of oxygen in the root zone is information you will get from the best local Northern Virginia irrigation companies. These are particularly adverse to anaerobic conditions, if you want to be technical. Plants that naturally grow in the drier climates are those that tend to suffer, rot and decline when their soil is over-watered or it drains poorly. This is no coincidence. The plants have adapted to highly aerated soil conditions since these regions experience extended periods of aridity. The Mediterranean species such as Rosemary, Pomegranate and Lavender are examples. The Australian ornamental’s such as Eucalyptus, Melaleuca, Myoporum and Grevillea are clearly also, as well as Texas shrubs like Leucophyllum.

Watering deeply by infrequently is the best way to ensure a healthy balance between moisture and air for these flora. Sufficient quantities of water need to percolate down to the roots in the subsoil while the topsoil is allowed to dry out between each watering. This method is similar to watering house plants where it is recommended that the top part of your potting soil mixture is allowed to dry out before watering.

House plants are usually irrigated to the point where their water drains out of the hole at the bottom of the pot and garden plants need to be watered to a depth beyond the extent of the root zone. That which appears to be wasting water is in fact not. It is essential for the prevention of a dangerous build-up of salts in the soil.

It is obvious that very young plants with very shallow roots do not require water that is beyond their capacity to take in. Watering too deeply in shallow soil does not make sense either. Irrigating to about the depth of a meter is a good rule to follow. This is even appropriate for perennial hot-climate perennial lawns such as Bermuda grass and Kikuyu.

You need to use a stick or pole to measure the depth which moisture has penetrated the soil after a good watering. Irrigating somewhat to excess is not over watering. It is failing to maintain proper air/moisture balance, which is caused by shallow irrigation.

The Best local Northern Virginia irrigation companies are able to not only educate but also assist with these different types of irrigation practices and irrigation systems. Depending on exactly what plants you have and what type of irrigation they need, they can assist by advising you on the correct methods and systems for your particular garden area. Obtaining advice from experts who are experienced and well versed in irrigation will ensure that your garden area is well watered, well maintained and remains looking good. 

Since many irrigation systems are used to produce a quality result in a very short space of time, you should reap the benefits before you know it. The best local Northern Virginia irrigation companies recommend investing in great advice and a good irrigation system, which will render the results you desire.