DC Town Cars

Washington Dulles International Airport is often referred to as Dulles or IAD. Distances between Dulles and the city, as well as other airports in Washington DC are fairly large. Considering this, travelers leaving from the city need to start at least 5 hours before their flight’s departure timing. Similarly, if the connecting flight leaves from Dulles, and travelers arrive at another airport in Washington DC, then traveling to Dulles becomes necessary. Public transportation and Washington DC Lincoln town car services are available for inter airport transport, but travelers are often uncomfortable using such transport. The frequency of public transport service is considerably lower between midnight and 3 am. Waiting for public transportation at such times does seem a difficult proposition. Tourists usually do not know local transportation systems. Therefore, private transportation is better for them for any rides to Dulles or other airports.

Many private transport services offer shuttle services between the airports in Washington DC. This transfer from one airport to another is done in passenger vans. Around 10 passengers traveling in the same direction are transported in these vans. Usually, these private shuttle services use Ford vans because these vans are spacious and easily accommodate more passengers with their luggage.

Such rides to Dulles and other airports offered by private transport services are well-organized. Therefore, travelers need to book such IAD transportation rides a day in advance. Booking is possible at three airports in the city. While booking the traveler needs to be careful in indicating to and from airports. It is also necessary to furnish contact number. The transport service confirms the ride between airports, and provides details of exact location for pick up. These details save traveler’s searching time at the airport. However, it is not necessary that the private transport service offering such rides to Dulles or other airports has a van waiting for the the traveler at the location indicated. Such vehicle may arrive an hour later. The responsibility of taking the traveler in time to the other airport is that of the private transport service. Travelers need not wait outside in cold at the airport because the private transport service has the contact number for informing the van’s arrival.

These private transport services offering connecting rides to Dulles and other airports ensure that the travelers get enough time to collect their luggage after alighting from the plane and reach the specified location. In the event flight is unduly delayed, these services cancel such reservations, and refund the monies. If travelers change their traveling plans, then cancellation of rides to Dulles or other airports in these private vehicles is governed by the policies of the business. A timeline is also specified by these airport shuttle businesses for such cancellation. Effectively, entire amount may not be refunded by these businesses in such cases.

It is possible to use these private shuttle services for dropping and pick up at locations other than airports. These services also offer discounts for larger groups or concessional rates for second and third passengers. The fares, however, are fixed and do not include any amounts towards gratuity.

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