Bryce Harper and The Nationals

Washington Nationals’ baseball stars

The Washington Nationals is a professional baseball team. This team is based in Washington DC, and its members have remained one of the best in recent performance. The team has had some of its members inducted to the museum and hall of fame for baseball players. It currently has star players too. One of these star players is Drew Storen. He is a star pitcher with 16 strikeouts in 21 innings. He has just recovered from injury to rejoin his team. This shows that he is also a strong player worth buying Washington Nationals baseball tickets to watch. Likewise, Ian Desmond is a strong player in this formidable baseball team. His 23 home runs last season place him firmly in the ranks of the star offensive players of the team; he is also the team’s current home-run leader. Desmond is a one-time All-Star and a two-time Silver Slugger awardee.

Youth is one of the main advantages that a player can have in sport, and it is a quality that batsman Bryce Harper has in unlimited supply. Only 19 years old, he is a star batsman who plays for this team. With his record of home runs, he can help steer the team to victory. Harper is a two-time MLB All-Star. Tyler Clippard is also one of the star players of the Washington Nationals. He has been consistently performing in the baseball seasons since 2012—he is the team’s current holds leader. He is known for striking out 78 men in 65 innings. This is no mean feat. With this star player in the Washington Nationals roster, there is no doubt that the team is poised for a successful season.

Buy Washington Nationals baseball tickets to watch Clippard make history again. Gio Gonzalez is a pitcher with the team. He is known for attaining a record 191 batters in just 181 innings in the 2012 season and was the 2012 NL win leader. This performance has been kept consistent right through the 2013 season, and he shows no sign of slowing down—he is the team’s current wins and ERA (earned run average) leader. He is definitely one of the star players of the team. Jordan Zimmermann has endured a number of injuries. These injuries have only made him stronger since he is still one of the most valuable pitchers in the team. Zimmermann was the 2013 NL win leader together with the Cardinals’ Adam Wainwright.